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FARM FORCE FIELD service Bio-Stimulant supplies using scheduled workplans to pass on cost savings for farmers with bulk discounts from a secure on-going farm supply agreement.
BIO-SHINE Balanced Biological Brewing use Enzyme Hydrolase Technology to break-down Minerals and Trace Elements into a Bio Available Formulae.


“Microbial wisdom of the Elementals resonate Fermentation wizardry to potentise a Hydrolystae recipe by enlivening cells to adjust into a quickening of exponential growth, whereby most of the Minerals and Trace Elements are consumed as Microbial Metabolites, thus making them ‘Bio-Available’ and allowing for Bio-Catalytic action by providing chelating agents and the complete set of enzyme co-factors required to fuel both photosynthetic and metobolic pathways towards Nutrient Dense Cell Growth.”

We formulate Seaweed for it’s complete Mineral profile to balance any trace mineral deficiencies that exist and therefore supply the complete set of enzyme co-factors.  This helps to achieve Level 1 (Glycome) of the Nutrient Dense Health Pyramid by reaching maximum photosynthetic potential that allows plant root exudation of sugars to feed soil microbes.
We formulate Fish for it’s intact Lipid profile of fatty amino acid (N)itrogen for protein synthesis and therefore convert soluble nitrogen into complete proteins.  This helps to achieve Level 2 (Proteome) of the Nutrient Dense Health Pyramid by reaching maximum metabolic potential that allows complete protein synthesis for plant shoot, leaf and steam growth.
We formulate Prawn for its composite Chitin profile of chelated (Ca)lcium to aid in the storage of surplus energy as fats and lipids and therefore increase cell wall strength. This helps to achieve Level 3 (Lipidome) of the Nutrient Dense Health Pyramid by reaching maximum stored energy potential that allows reproduction efficiency for flower blossom, fruit-set, fruit-fill and ripening.
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