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FARM FORCE FIELD service Bio-Stimulant supplies using scheduled workplans to pass on cost savings for farmers with bulk discounts from a secure on-going farm supply agreement.
Nick Davies Farm Force Field

Nick Davies

Nick commenced work experience sorting fish discards for Sea World Marine Mammals in the late 1980’s and studied a Certificate in Fishing Operations at the Australian Maritime College in the early 1990's. He went on to work with the Queensland Fisheries Department, ‘Fisheries Action Program’ in the late 1990’s and latter a season as deck-hand on NSW Mackerel Line Fishery.

Nick has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) majoring in ‘Acid Sulfate Soil Fish Kills’ where he studied Microbial Mediated chemical reactions relevant to soil biology and soil chemistry in Regenerative Agriculture.


Working to plant tree line corridors along Byron Creek in the 2010’s with local farmer Owen Trevor-Jones, Nick became aware of Gabe Brown and Allan Savory (Regenerative Grazing). Owen also introduced Nick to the first National Biological Farmers Conference in 2015 with Colin Seis (Pasture Cropping) and 2018 with Jeff Moyer (Cover Cropping).


Meeting keynote speaker Michael Phillips (Holistic Orchardist) and author of 'Mycorrhizal Planet' inspired Nick to keep making Fish Hydrolysate and engage with Geoff Bugden (Big Pecan) undertaking trials on leaf surface fungi.

Nick Davies Farm Force Field
Red Seaweed.jpg

On their home farm at Braunstone in Northern NSW, Nick and his brother are trialing 

Seaweed Hydrolysate

as a Salt-lick Mineral Supplement

for their adaptive multi-paddock grazing herd of cattle.

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